Adrenalin Playground

Adrenalin Playground – what is it?

Ultimately the plan for Adrenalin Playground is to build a community of like minded people who love exploring new places and adrenalin related sports. I know that will take time, so to begin with this iteration of the website will be more of a travel blog of my adventures. I will be updating the site with previous adventures of mine kitesurfing, snowboarding and riding motorbikes around the world.

Adrenalin Playground’s History

Way back in 2001 after being made redundant when the dot com bubble burst. I decided to take a break for the winter and spend it snowboarding. It was there in Meribel at the heart of the Three Valleys that I inadvertently became a¬†“Digital Nomad” long before it had an identity. Using a 56K dialup connection I continued to remotely manage and host some websites. It was there that I came up with the original idea for Adrenalin Playground as a website for people who love adventure and all sorts of adrenalin related sports.

The website is born

Adrenalin Playground Logo SmallWith the help of my flat mate Greg (who designed the Logo and Typeface¬† – thank you) the original website was born as a forum with a few articles. This was all hand coded in HTML and Cold Fusion which was quite labour intensive. When the snowboarding season ended I continued to update it with wakeboarding info during the summer, before getting sidetracked with a more “real” business venture.

Trying out Content Management Systems

A couple of years later I changed the site to run off the phpNuke CMS, but did not have much time to keep it updated, and then again a few years later I changed it be a kitesurfing specific website using the Droopal CMS. Again I did not have enough time to work on the site and after a serious amount of spam to the forum I temporarily shut the site down.

Attempt 4 – WordPress

Whilst snowboarding for the season in Bansko, Bulgaria I have got plenty of time in the evenings so I am starting things from scratch once again. WordPress has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years so I’m getting to grips with it and lets see what happens next. I’m also experimenting with social media, so there is a new Facebook page, Instagram account and if I can think of anything to say I might even be sending out the occasional Tweet. And I must not forget I’ve got drones and go pro’s to add into the mix with Final Cut Pro to make some videos and upload to the Youtube channel. Please subscribe to them and give back any feedback.