Kitesurfing in Mui Ne Vietnam

Kitesurfing Mui Ne Vietnam

Having decided not to spend another winter in the UK I chose Kitesurfing in Mui Ne for several reasons. I had never been to Vietnam and wanted to explore the country. I could combine it with a motorbike tour of Vietnam. The weather forecast for January – March looked great! What I did not before was how good and cheap the seafood was.

Arriving in Vietnam

There are several ways of obtaining a visa for Vietnam and I wished I had got mine from an embassy before arriving! What I did instead and what generally works fine is to get a pre-arranged Visa approval letter from a Visa Center. You then hand this in at the immigration centre who will then provide you with your visa. Unfortunately I got off my second 8 hour flight with a long transfer with a plane full of other people all doing the same at a completely disorganised chaotic airport. 2 hours later I finally had my visa and was able to proceed.

Ho Chi Minh City

Having landed in Ho Chi Minh City with a bag bigger than myself I spent the first couple of days looking around the city. I unknowingly arrived during Tet Nguyen Dan (Vietnamese New Year) the whole city was decorated in lights and looked fantastic.

Getting to Mui Ne

Getting to Mui Ne is quite easy. From Ho Chi Minh City you can charter a taxi for around $75US or there is a train that goes to Phan Thiet which is really cheap and then you can take a short taxi from there.

Sunset Mui Ne Vietnam
Sunset Mui Ne Vietnam

Accommodation in Mui Ne

There are plenty of places to stay in Mui Ne from long term rentals costing around $5 a day to 5* resorts costing $200+ per day

Kitesurfing in Mui Ne

The weather is fantastic in Mui Ne at the start of the year, being hot but not unbearable by day and warm in the evenings. Better still is that it’s a dry heat with little humidity and hardly any mosquitoes!! The wind picks up most afternoons and is generally strong and steady. The downsides that I found were that the sea is very choppy and water murky (no blue seas here) and most annoyingly everyone with a spot of beach front wanted a launch fee. Considering land ownership does not exist and all beaches belong to the people of Vietnam I strongly disagreed with this policy. Away from the main area there is a much quieter kite spot at Malibu Beach. There are normally waves there and the prevailing winds are often onshore so it can be a bit trickier.

Fisherman at Sunrise Mui Ne
Fisherman at Sunrise Mui Ne
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